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Information on HMAS Sydney

HMAS Sydney - Memorial - Sydney - Mount Scott

Geraldton - Indian Ocean - War - ANZAC

Fitting Memorial For Your Pet

To many loving pet owners losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. Many pets are loyal friends and companions and offer their owners unconditional love and comfort that is almost impossible........ Read More

The Crazy Horse Monument And Memorial

The Crazy Horse Monument is a Native American carving underway in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Artists have been working on the monument since 1948. If it becomes completed as planned, it wi........ Read More

Memorial Day Screensavers - The Spirit Of Patriotism

Memorial Day is a national holiday in the United States. This day all Americans remember the brave soldiers who gave their life for their country. Memorial Day screensavers can bring a great sense of ........ Read More

10 Tips For Easy Fundraising With Memorial Bricks

So, you’re looking for a fundraising project for a school, sports team or construction project and you’re thinking about engraved bricks. Brick fundraising is pretty simple, but what are the pit........ Read More

Pet Memorials For The Unsung Heroes

A dog is man's best friend but he is not going to be there forever. Even though we hate to think about the unfortunate moment, it will surely come. The best you can do is have a Pet memorial for your ........ Read More

How To Select Memorial Monuments For Loved Ones

The memorial you choose must stand as an endearing symbol of your love and respect. Your memorial must reflect family pride and dignity in a refined manner. The memorialist you seek to help you with t........ Read More

Monuments And Memorials Selection

There are many memorial monument dealers selling headstones to the public. The most important thing in finding a good monument dealer is to know what each one has to offer. There are different kinds o........ Read More

A Princess Memorial

Diana, Princess of Wales' Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park. Unveiled in July, 2004 with both the late Diana’s family and the royal family including Queen Elizabeth II present, the $6.5 million memoria........ Read More

The Lincoln Memorial

Inside a Greek-style temple, a 19-foot statue of Abraham Lincoln looks out over Washington, D.C. Above him are the words, “In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the ........ Read More

Using Water Fountains As Memorials

Much like statue, water fountains are also used to commemorate an individual’s memorable existence or notable achievement. While fountains are often constructed of some kind of statuary, obviously t........ Read More

Cooking Light For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special holiday for Americans, particularly during times of war. We celebrate this day to honor those before who have served their country and those who serve today. Brave men and ........ Read More

Audio Visual Event Production And Living Memorials

Living memorials are becoming popular across the country. A living memorial is when the deceased is presented at the viewing with a slideshow of their life viewed above the body. Friends and family me........ Read More

Bereavement Poetry: Meaningful Words For Memorial Services

The loss of a loved one is the hardest thing that you will ever have to go through in your life, and you might find that at many times you feel hopeless. There are lights at the end of every darkness ........ Read More

Make Money Creating Wedding/memorial Scrapbooks

If you're familiar with creating scrapbooks then you have a work at home business waiting to be opened in your lap. Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to treasure wedding memories or the memories of a los........ Read More

Regulating Headstones And Memorial Masons

In the UK there are 2 governing bodies that regulate the headstones and memorial sector. 1. National Association of Memorial Masons 2. British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons. National Asso........ Read More


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HMAS Sydney Memorial Sydney Mount Scott
Geraldton Indian Ocean War ANZAC

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HMAS Sydney Memorial Sydney Mount Scott
Geraldton Indian Ocean War ANZAC

Information on HMAS Sydney


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