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A Dip In The Ocean

RRP $22.99

4,000 miles of unpredictable ocean. 500 Mars bars. 124 days of physical exertion. 3 Guinness World Records set. 1 incredible journey. On 1 April 2009, twenty-three-year-old Sarah Outen embarked on an ambitious solo voyage across the Indian Ocean in her rowing boat, Dippers.

Powered by the grief of the sudden loss of her father and the determination to live life to the full, Sarah and her tiny boat successfully negotiated wild ocean storms, unexpected encounters with whales and the continuous threat of being capsized by passing container ships. Along the way she broke two oars and lost 20 kg of bodyweight before arriving in Mauritius.

She became the first woman and the youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean. Life-affirming, funny and poignant, Sarah's salty tale of courage and endurance will inspire the taste of adventure in everyone.

The Indian Ocean

RRP $1.00

A comprehensive work on the Indian Ocean that deals with its physics, chemistry, biology and geology in two volumes. The 21 chapters have been contributed by well-experienced and competent specialists in their respective fields.

Recovery From The Indian Ocean Tsunami

RRP $491.99

During the past 10 years following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, invaluable lessons have been learned and great changes have been observed. Immediately after the disaster, the second World Conference on Disaster Reduction was held in Kobe, Japan, and formulated the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA: 2005-2015). HFA provided a platform and framework for changes and innovations, many of which were part of the recovery programs in the different countries affected by the 2004 disaster. This book is a modest attempt to review the lessons learned through the recovery process in the affected region.

The book has 31 chapters, drawing lessons from four countries: India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. There are five sections: Overview (10 chapters), Indonesia (8 chapters), India (6 chapters), Sri Lanka (5 chapters), and Thailand (2 chapters).

The primary target groups for this book are students and researchers in the fields of disaster risk reduction, environment, and development. The book provides them with a good idea of the current research trends and lessons over the past decade of recovery initiatives. Another target group comprises practitioners and policy makers, who will be able to apply the knowledge collected here to establishing policy and making decisions.

The French And Indian War - A Short History

RRP $15.99

Beginning with a skirmish involving inexperienced British officer George Washington, the Iroquois chief, and the ill-fated French emissary in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, a chain of events culminated in what would effectively become the First World War. The French and Indian War, as it is known in North America, was part of a larger conflict called the "Seven Years' War," which involved nations on three continents. The French and Indian War was fought in the forests, plains, and forts of the North American frontier. Initially, the French army, supported by North American Indian tribes, was more successful than the British Army, who lacked experience in guerrilla fighting tactics. Massive British spending bolstered their forces in North America and ultimately won them a victory over the French. The conflict that occurred between 1755 and 1763, and that led to the downfall of the French Empire in North America, ultimately overturned the balance of power on two continents, eroded Indian nations' ability to gain independence from European rule, and lit the fuse of the American Revolution.

Ocean Atmosphere Interaction And Climate Modeling

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This 1995 text is addressed to advanced students in oceanography, meteorology and environmental sciences, as well as to professional researchers in these fields. It aims to acquaint them with advances in experimental and theoretical investigations of ocean-atmosphere interactions, a rapidly developing field in earth sciences. Particular attention is paid to the scope and perspectives for satellite measurements and mathematical modeling. Approaches to the construction of coupled ocean-atmosphere models (from the simplest one-dimensional to the most comprehensive three-dimensional ones) for the solution of key problems in climate theory are discussed in detail. Field measurements and the results of numerical climate simulations are presented, to help understand the variability arising from various natural and anthropogenic factors.


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HMAS Sydney Memorial Sydney Mount Scott
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HMAS Sydney Memorial Sydney Mount Scott
Geraldton Indian Ocean War ANZAC

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